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3D printing application in the aerospace industry are a guiding ruler with which to measure the success of the overall 3D printing industry. From giants like GE Aviation relying on metal 3D printing for production components, and Boeing and Airbus boasting thousands of 3D printed parts on its aircrafts, the advances of 3D printing on a production scale have perhaps most boisterously been verified by the aerospace community before trickling down to other industries. Put simply, aerospace usage of 3D printing is a driving force behind industry-wide adoption of 3D printing for production.


The transformation

It’s not surprising 3D printing quickly became a critical solution in aerospace manufacturing so soon after its introduction to shop floors. 3D printing is that rare process that can drastically simplify complex assemblies through consolidation, where multiple parts can be combined into and built as a single component – and often at a much shorter leadtime.

By minimizing assembly processes, 3D printing helps simplify Bill of Material and inventory management – a huge consideration for aircraft supply chain management. There’s also great interest in the idea of a portable and virtual inventory where parts can be printed out on-demand. Overall, 3D printing continues to offer one of the easiest ways to decrease cost and increase productivity by saving weight, time and parts.

Rapid Prototyping

Prototypes not only need to match the final result as closely as possible, they always need to be ready ‘yesterday’. The sooner you can show your concept to the customer, the sooner you’re talking business. Thanks to our large capacity, a wide range of technologies covering metals as well as plastics, and a team of dedicated software specialists, we can react quickly and be ready whenever you are.

Relying on 3D printing for its organic manufacturing freedom has resulted in a few key areas of manufacturing success for aerospace part design: zero tooling restraints, optimal conformal shapes for improved efficiency/ functionality, and customer design for adaptive technology. At Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, the most common parts we manufacture for aerospace suppliers involve everything from behind the scenes to human interfacing including:

Full-length, lightweight conformal ducting systems
Dynamic galley systems
Decorative parts to resemble chrome-plated metal or wood
Fuel nozzles
Sensor housings
Drain fairings

most suitable metals for the manufacture of:

Low and high temperature fasteners
Discs, hubs, spacers, seals
Compressor blades
Structural parts
Complex turbine engine components
Cases, rings
Exhaust parts

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Additive manufacturing provides the aerospace sector with grate benefits. This is a revolutionary technology that possesses the full potential to solve all sector?s issues by meeting the global demand for safe, convenient and reliable air transportation. The use of additive manufacturing and in particular direct metal laser sintering will grow and develop over the next decades. [img=]packers movers vadodara[/img]


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