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3D printing can today produce models and parts across a myriad of industries. From medical models, medical device prototypes, and functional dental applications, to in-flight aerospace parts and high-strength automotive components. These are just a few examples of the vast capabilities of vexmatech’ 3D printing technology and materials, with innovations happening every day.


With healthcare industries across the world under political and economic pressure to perform, 3D printing allows manufacturers to cost effectively produce customised medical devices. In addition, we have seen the use of 3D printing become integral to surgical planning. The ability to plan, perform and perfect surgery on a 3D printed medical model prior to the actual procedure offers many benefits. It should directly reduce complications and the amount of time patients spend on the operating table, improving the success rate. This demonstrates that patient diagnosis and treatments are expected to be directly improved by 3D printing.

Purpose built, customised tools

Every facial reconstruction, every prosthetic limb and every surgical guide requires a high level of customisation because no one body is the same. This is one area where 3D printing excels.

Today more and more manufacturers of medical devices enjoy significantly improved lead times and reduced costs using 3D printing technology. Multiple medical assembly tools can be produced overnight compared to several days, or in some cases, weeks if the tooling process is being outsourced via traditional production methods.

Digitalizing of the dental sector

Did you know that when you go to the dentist and he makes a mold of your mouth, he has to keep this mold? Moreover, taking into account the unpleasant feeling and taste of the material used for molding, 3D printing appears to be a relevant technology for the Orthodontic industry. With a 3D scan, dentists can 3D print plaster models, positioning trays, orthodontic appliances, clear aligners and retainers without disturbing their clients. Also, they can totally digitize their workflow by reducing the molding time. It also cuts down on storage because all the 3D scans are stored in their computer, instead of in a storage room.

The future of 3D printing in healthcare

Beyond surgical guides and medical devices, we are beginning to see 3D printed parts being put directly into patients. At the University of Michigan doctors were presented with a baby who was born with Trachea Bronchi Malaysia (without cartilage in its windpipe). The team then utilised Stratasys’ 3D printing technology to 3D print a scaffold of absorbable material to help the body heal itself. Three patients have benefitted from this treatment and all three are doing fantastically. packers and movers vadodara

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The healthcare segment is changing rapidly. Stratasys 3D printing solutions are strengthening the segments ability to provide for patients, and shape the future of surgical training. As a leading provider of 3D printing solutions, Stratasys has a responsibility and ethos of shaping people’s lives by revolutionising the way things are made. This is no more evident than in the world of healthcare.



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