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Researchers at the University of Nottingham have pioneered a breakthrough method to rapidly 3D print fully functional electronic circuits. The circuits, which contain electrically-conductive metallic inks and insulating polymeric inks, can now be produced in a single inkjet printing process where a UV light rapidly solidifies the inks. The breakthrough technique paves the way for the electronics manufacturing industry to produce fully functional components such as 3D antennae and fully printed sensors from multiple materials including metals and plastics. The new method combines 2D printed electronics with Additive Manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing - which is based on layer-by-layer deposition of materials to create 3D products. This expands the impact of Multifunctional Additive Manufacturing (MFAM), which involves printing multiple materials in a single additive manufacturing system to create components that have broader functionalities. The new method overcomes some of the challenges in manufacturing fully functional devices that contain plastic and metal components in complex structures, where different methods are required to solidify each material. Existing systems typically use just one material which limits the functionality of the printed structures. Having two materials like a conductor and an insulator, expands the range of functions in electronics. For example, a wristband which includes a pressure sensor and wireless communication circuitry could be 3D printed and customised for the wearer in a single process.

Testing is another prototyping issue. PCB prototyping often only requires one of a few boards to test. However, many PCB fabricators require a minimum quantity that far exceeds what is needed,

Both of the above can be alleviated with 3D printing.

Nano Dimension is on the forefront of this technology, and just successfully completed its beta program of the Dragonfly2020 Pro. This larger, more robust version of the already-available desktop DragonFly2020. The Dragonfly Pro is now moving into early access commercial sales.

Supply Chain

More companies will adopt 3D printing as it matures as a way to improve PCB prototyping. 3D printing in-house could lead to significant reduction in materials, labor, inventory, distribution, and more. It also has the potential to simplify or completely eliminate other services such as warehousing and aftermarket services. Ultimately, the increased adoption of the technology will disrupt the electronics supply chain. Investors will no doubt keep an eye on this development, especially when prototyping costs begin to drop and thus drive down the cost of embedded devices.
As technology progresses, we see the trends of labor reduction and streamlining production coming to bear. As touched on above, it will reduce the amount of steps from manufacturer to customer. It’s important to note that this technology was only mentioned as a prototyping method. As 3D printing matures, low-volume production could very well enter the picture, too.

Traditional processes are still alive and well, and will be for the foreseeable future. However, early adopters of 3D-printing technology will have a competitive advantage. As this technology advances, it will start to disrupt—but not totally replace—traditional processes.
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Future Possibilities

Early adopters paying attention to these advances will understand how best to use the technology. While new uses for inks and pastes are quickly being developed to augment the PCB and sensor markets, filaments are certainly not being left behind.
The companies able to adopt and design creative solutions that take advantage of 3D-printing technology will expand not only 3D-printing capabilities, but also what their electronics can do and how much better they can perform. In time, 3D printing of electronics may follow the same path we have seen in the automotive and aerospace industries. As new engineers come through the school system and learn this technology, we may really see a jump in design as they enter the field.



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