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What is 3D printing?

3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing is a process by which almost any three-dimensional object of any shape can be made from a digital model. This is achieved by an additive process whereby layers of materials are laid down in different shapes. This method differs vastly from traditional machining techniques that rely on the removal of materials either by cutting or drilling which are subtractive processes. 3D printing technology has found varied uses and benefits ranging from rapid prototyping to applications in construction, architecture, engineering, medical industries, fashion, jewellery, military, automobiles, aerospace and in a host of other fields. In the near future it is expected that 3D printers would become easily available consumer goods, thanks to the fact that they can offset the capital costs in procuring them by enabling people to “print” common household items rather than purchasing them from the market.

3D printing services in Orissa, Jharkhand,West Bengal,Bihar,andhrapradesh india encompasses a variety of different printing processes. The processes are all primarily additive in nature, as materials are deposited only where needed, and thus results in significantly less materials wastage than traditional manufacturing techniques. Each of the technologies is suitable for use with a different range of materials, which in turn defines the suitable applications of the printer.

Applications are detailed for:
Manufacture of flight-critical production parts in metals

Mold making for metal casting

benefits of 3d printing in education

3d printed Art sculptures

3d printing fashion future

Rapid prototyping

Rapid Tooling

The3d printing in aerospace industry, an established end user of 3D printing, has the highest growth rate of any end user industry. The trillion dollar oil and gas industry is an emerging user of 3D printing with the second highest forecast growth. When significant penetration has occurred into the above markets, 3D printing in these big industries will lock into the capital expenditure cycles associated with them, and, as is the case for other CNC machines, periodic fluctuations in sales will occur -- growth will not be steady and monotonic.

Some of the other challenges that he lists are –

1. The technologies are extremely capital intensive and so are the materials which are higher than the prices prevalent outside India as everything is imported from the developed countries.

2. A lot of design participants/entities (especially small scale & medium scale) still do not believe in prototyping as an investment but see it as a costly expenditure.

3. Only if materials could be engineered and locally produced, the cost could come down drastically directly resulting in a healthy demand and supply.

Added to this is the fact that startups and entrepreneurs in India are seeing immense potential and benefits in 3D printing technologies. It is only a matter of time before a compact and low-cost 3D printer comes out of India that will become a must-buy during Diwali for Indian households in the near future.
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