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La Risorsa italiana per Makers

Vuoi pareri sulla qualità della stampa? Vuoi migliorare le tue stampe? Chiedete consiglio qui.
MOSCOW -- In a tournament full of beautiful play, eye-popping wonder goals and grandstand finishes, there was, finally, this: the black eye.

Two black eyes, actually. And a fat lip. And the kind of nasty scrape that leaves blood dripping down one cheek.

How bad was it? Well, England vs. Colombia didn't feature the staggering skill of France vs. Argentina or the blistering pace of Belgium vs. Japan, but rather the body slams and arm bars of a Royal Rumble, as well as the head-butts, face rakes, ankle stamps and takedowns of a straight-up street fight.

Not that England was complaining after emerging on top, via a penalty shootout that followed a 1-1 draw.

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