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Medical 3D Printing Is Revolutionizing Healthcare

3D printing is already revolutionizing human health care on so many levels. It’s fixing people and enhancing their lives like nothing else before it. Best of all is that there’s still plenty of potential for further research and development in 3D printing for medical uses. Some things are already in use and making a real difference in people’s lives. Other designs are currently awaiting approval.


Here are just a few of the mind-blowing medical applications produced by 3D printing:

Affordable prosthetic parts
Cranium replacement
Ear cartilage
Heart valves
Human embryonic stem cells
Human organs
Human tissues with blood vessels
Medical models
Synthetic skin
Precision medical equipment

The list could go on, and it will continue to grow indefinitely as technology and research advances. It’s beyond the scope of this guide to write about all of these items, as each product and its related application deserves a book of its own. We will, however, look at seven of the most talked about 3D medical research applications at the time of writing, namely:

3D printed organs
3D surgery for training
3D prosthetics
3D dental care
3D facial reconstruction
3D printed ears and bones
3D printed drugs

3D-printable prosthetics have arrived. They’re starting to change the face of medicine as we know it. Engineers and physicians are working together to develop new-style prosthetics. These are models that become totally customized, matching the wearers exact needs. The world of prosthetics has never looked so good. In fact, 3D printing prosthetics has now become easy to do. Just about anyone with the proper equipment and the right materials can print their own artificial limbs.

The growing success of 3D printed prosthetics is down to four key factors:

Improved technology
Lower cost of 3D printers and materials
New, impressive innovations in prosthetic designs
Increased global manufacturing and distribution

3D printed braces, bridges, dentures, and teeth are becoming the new norm.

3D printing in dentistry has similar benefits to other health care applications. In short, it’s quick, affordable, and precise. It’s a win-win situation for both dentists and their patients. The procedural costs are lower, and the patient experience is much more comfortable.

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3d printing medical advances

surgical instruments

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3D Facial Reconstruction

Every 3D medical application we’ve looked at thus far has been exciting and impressive. 3D facial reconstruction, though, offers something quite different to patients. It’s an area of 3D printing that has the potential to transform lives from the inside out, physically and mentally. Any kind of bodily disfigurement is unpleasant, but the face is a special case. People—strangers mostly—can’t help but stare at a deformed face. And the more disfigured it is, the more they look. It’s not that people are being nasty, or disrespectful, it’s just that it’s natural for the eyes to draw to anything that’s unusual and eye-catching. Living with a heavily disfigured face is not only upsetting, it can be traumatic too. Some people even lock themselves away indoors, only venturing out when it’s absolutely necessary.
Although the technology is forever evolving, the five biggest sectors to look out for include:

Tissue engineering
Hip and knee replacements
Hearing aids
Dental engineering



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