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Self-driving cars are set to transform the automotive industry. But major changes have already been taking place in automotive manufacturing thanks to 3D printing services in chennai,Oragadam,rudrapur,Durgapur,Jamshedpur,Vijayawada india,. Additive manufacturing (AM) is paving the way for new car designs, lower costs and shorter production times. In a scenario offered by, using 3D printing, consumers would be able to order a car online, which could be designed to their own specifications, and have it shipped in less than two days.


Rapid Prototyping Technology (RPT)

For some years now, rapid prototyping has been helping automotive manufacturers to cut down lead times for designing new cars or updating current models. The use of 3D manufacturing means auto parts manufacturers can test a variety of prototypes before production. Ford says that prototype parts can be built in days or hours, versus months, at far less cost than using traditional methods since 3D printing eliminates the need for tooling and molds.

Continuous Parts Improvement

The use of 3D printing in the automotive industry in Ludhiana,faridabad,Rae Bareily,Ahmednagar,Patna,sanand,pithampur india doesn’t begin and end with the printed part. As manufacturers embed tracing marks and sensors into the product, they will be able to track every step of a product lifecycle from initial 3D object scan to design through production, quality measurement, delivery and real-world use. Using in-lifecycle information, manufacturers can improve the design and fabrication of future parts.

3D printing can virtually produce any part you can imagine as long as the design guidelines are respected. This allows you to create lighter and stronger parts that could not be produced by any other production method. Complex geometries are now fully accessible.

Demonstration models to sell your products

Since showing your product to the customer can often make the deal, 3D printing is definitely a very powerful marketing tool.

With 3D printing, you can easily turn your products into reality. The customization is unlimited. This way, you can print your customers exact product, no matter what level of uniquely tailored design is chosen.

Drastically optimize your supply chain thanks to 3D printing

3D printing can print any number of pieces wherever there is a printer.

This incredible 3D printing asset means that you no longer need to produce thousands of pieces to be effective. You can etiher create a part directly from 3D printing or create a customized tool for just one application.

and the final, you can dispatch this part/model to end user on their hand using our logistic services like as packers and movers vadodara


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