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3D Printing is impacting the consumer products industry in a big way. It is influencing every single step of the supply chain and is assisting in creation of fully customised retail products. 3D printing can play an active role in the “made to measure” idea of the retail industry. Let’s dive in to the applications or 3D printing in this industry.


Supply Chain Efficiency

supply chain-3d-printing

Supply chains are fundamental element of modern retail industry. There is lot of supply chain management involved in bringing a product from factory to the retail shop near to the customer. There are multiple intermediaries between manufacturer & customer who don’t add real value to the product but are required to bring the product from manufacturer to customer.
3D Printing helps a lot in proper market research and in agile product development. With the help of 3D Printing, we can create multiple iterations of product and test those iterations quickly. Also, 3D Printing helps in batch production of the product. product design in mumbai,pune,maharashtra,telangana,satara,secundrabad,india
In the consumer goods market, additive manufacturing has created new possibilities throughout the phases of functional prototyping, design, tooling, and even through series part production.

Additive manufacturing applications in the consumer product industry are growing in number and adapting to the specific nature and constraints of a rapidly expanding sector with an ever-increasing need to reduce development time.

vexmatech has developed a wide range of solutions specifically dedicated to the consumer product industry.

our technology allows for additive manufacturing of master models used in the development of aluminum molds, with unequaled levels of resolution and complex textures that are difficult to machine with traditional techniques, such as shoe sole molds, for example.consumer goods prototyping in nashik,vapi,gurgaon,Bhubaneswar,india

You can now print many iterations of a mold in a very short time to test your prototypes, accelerate new products for market launch, or produce small series of parts with the final production material more quickly and at a lower cost.

With one of the most important assemblage of installed additive manufacturing systems in Europe, consisting of various plastic and metal technologies such asFDM, SLS ®, SLA, MOVINGLight®, Polyjet®, DMLS®, EBM®, Initial is able to provide the best advice on the choice of technologies and materials to best manage your on-demand parts 3D printing projects with high-quality service.

3D Printing in Consumer Electronics vadodara, ghandhinagar,rajkot,surat,bhavnagar,gujarat,india

The triple requirements of attractive design, small form factor and high production efficiency make designing truly successful consumer electronics a real challenge. vexmatech produce models with exceptionally thin walls ideal for small devices densely packed with minute components.

3d printed Toys

When prototypes must evoke the look and feel of the finished product, technology offers a great opportunity. Finely detailed models with a mixture of rigid, flexible and clear materials can be built automatically.

he global market for 3D printing has been segmented based on component, application, and geography. Based on component, the market is classified into technology, material and services. Application wise, the market is categorized into consumer products, aerospace, defense, education & research, automotive, industrial, and others. Consumer products industry has been the highest revenue generating segment and is expected to be the highest generating segment even during forecast period. packers and movers vadodara


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