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The medical device industry is facing a plethora of challenges which involves the regulatory challenges and reducing the iterative designs. Under this scenario, 3D printing seems to be the most promising option as it uses layer-by-layer build-up process to create 3-dimensional objects.

3D Printing- An emerging option in medical device industry

3D printing plays an expanding role in medical and dental manufacturing. It is very cost-effective, efficient and customizable option in for the medical devices industry for devices including dental implants, hearing aids, prostheses, custom-made knee and hip implants, and surgical instruments.


Some of the applications of 3D printing are as follows:

Application in Orthopaedics

• It can be used in printing cartilage and bone. The printer’s ink delivers mechanical strength to the bone and cushioning effect to the cells.

Application in organ growth

• 3D Printing can be used for printing blood vessels which can be used for grafting purposes.

• It is also used for printing of organs like liver and kidney.

• It also helps in the planning of complicated surgical maneuvers like skull base tumor removal.

Application in medical devices

Prototyping: 3D printing techniques are very efficient in a development of prototypes at a very faster rate. This reduces the efforts of design, hardware and software team and helps in providing an optimized design which is much closer to the needs of customer.

Companies Are Embracing Complexity of Design

In so many ways, 3D printing’s history as a rapid prototyping technology has led to a major bias in machines, tools and methods, which focus on trying to simplify the process of moving from design to part production. Currently, more than 60% of 3D-printed parts are printed for rapid prototypes.

Focusing so intensely on rapid prototyping has limited the tools engineers need to develop a deeper understanding of these technologies. Major software companies like Siemens, Autodesk and Dassault Systemes are racing to create in-depth 3D design and engineer tools to unlock the full potentials of 3D printing. Software design and simulation tools like Netfabb and Materialise will allow engineers to gain a clearer understanding of the technology and maximize its capabilities for series part production.

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Navigating Complex Design

Additive manufacturing requires a completely different approach to the current methodology that almost every company has implemented for the design and manufacturing of parts. These traditional organizations that make the economic decision to invest and adopt 3D printing into their ecosystem often overlook the material process, and it becomes a second thought during the design process.

In order to maximize and understand the freedom that 3D printing allows when utilizing new materials, industrial designers, mechanical engineers, and material scientists must work in harmony from the beginning to understand new material properties.

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It can be extremely intimidating for companies to rethink and rebuild their workflows and processes as it relates to engineering and manufacturing. More and more, companies are ready to embrace these new workflows, but need advanced technologies to guide and automate the process to ensure successful adoption. The relentless pace of innovation within the industry is in need of responsive technology.



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