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Sezione dove discutere di materiali di stampa e sulle parti calde della nostra stampante 3D. Estrusori, Hotends, Heated bed, trafilatura e materiali (filamenti/ABS/PLA/etc).
Rapid prototyping is a great solution for realizing the model of the future products without too high expenses. It gives the overall view of product concept. It takes not a lot costs comparing to making functional prototypes, as the technologies of rapid prototyping are SLS (stereolithography), SLA ( selective laser sintering) and FDM ( fused deposition modeling). For every industry, no matter which one it is, it gives such benefit as getting the model of the product without great time and cost expenses. The model can be presented to the investors and business partners - it will ensure them that your idea is realistic.


By enabling faster and cheaper prototyping, and easier access to small and medium batch production with no investing in molds and tools, 3D printing makes it possible to for high-tech companies to test their product to the market with less risk involved, and improve it progressively, to match the market’s expectations to the closest. The use of online 3D printing services enables small companies to prototype and produce without investing in machines.

3D Printing in the Entertainment Industry

3D printing advantages for the entertainment industry

For the entertainment industry, 3D printing models and figurines are more and more widely used by games but also many movies and animation studios, as well as various artists. 3D Printing a figurine of a specific hero, character or accessory from a movie or game can be used as a teaser for a project in development (having the character in hands can be a plus for potential collaborators), to present on salons and conferences, or to sell directly to fans. And of course, the great freedom of design allows artists to create in new ways. 3D printing can also be used, like in other industries, for prototypes (of tools, props, etc.), to create complex and customized shapes, or even for production of sets and characters (for animation, as you’ll see in the example below).

3D printing in the Automotive Industry

3D printing advantages for the automotive industry

Another industry that keeps evolving and taking advantage of 3D printing is the automotive sector. 3D printing is used for car prototypes, for spare parts, to create complex parts within “traditionally” manufactured cars, and even, to create whole cars!

You can read more in the article ‘3D printing transforms the automotive industry’.

3D printing in the Chemical Industry

3D printing advantages for the chemical industry

One of the industries that invests the most in R&D is the chemical industry. As companies keep searching for breakthrough innovations, 3D printing enables them to go even further and may lead to real revolution for this sector. It helps produce cheaper, customized tools, as well as brand new innovations. 3d printing service in Uttarakhand , Uttar Pradesh and Haryana,chandigarth,kochi,bhopal,visakhapatnam india

3D Printing for the fashion industry

3D printing advantages for the fashion industry

3D printing is revolutionizing the fashion industry, inspiring creative designers to include the technology into their concept and creation. The benefits in connecting 3D printing into the retail and fashion industry is that it enables to create new styles and unique shapes using the new material. It can also allow cheaper, faster custom-made clothes. Furthermore, adding 3D printing into the fashion world impacts the process of supply chain.

3D Printing in the Medical Industry

3D printing advantages for the medical industry

In the healthcare sector, Medical 3D printing has revolutionized the industry in which it helps for very practical purposes such as creating tools and prosthesis (or their prototypes), and innovative solutions for implants. It also gives patients the advantage of customization that can have great results for the quality of life. You probably have heard, also, of even more impressive applications, of 3D printing skin, organs, and even bone!

3D printing for the construction and architecture industry.

3D printing advantages in the construction industry

As some may know, 3D printing is on its way to become a necessary tool in architecture and construction. On top of the advantages provided by 3D printing architectural models, more and more people imagine and start experimenting with buildings, projects and concepts in construction using layer by layer building machines. Some benefits offered by making 3D printing and construction industry meet are: a reduction of material waste, faster and cheaper construction of housing (which could make housing more affordable for the less wealthy) and the invention of innovative shapes.

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