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3D printing also known as Fused Deposit Molding (FDM) is one of the more popular methods. It allows you to make a lot of different kinds of plastic parts or 3d model
. Polyjet printing allows a variety of flexible and rigid materials.

Avilable Materials : PC, Ninjaflex, PLA, CarbonfiberPLA

Stereolithography (SLA) is a UV curing of resin technique that is more expensive but gives a great finish and can give you perfectly transparent parts. DLP uses a more conventional light source. 3d printing in mumbai pune maharashtra
SLA Resins: castable resin, flexible resin, hard regid resin


Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is the joining of metal or plastic powder particles with heat layer by layer. Good for complex metal parts but will have rough finishing and not great for small hollow parts.

There are also subtractive processes like the manual hot wire cutting for foam. CNC machining also carves out parts from blocks of rigid materials like wood, foam and plastic.

Less common is Laminate object manufacturing (LOM) which involves one layer of wood/laminate being laid out and the machine cutting a pattern then gluing the next on top and cutting again. This repeats till object is made.

Hand building with laithes, wire cutting, jigsaws, precision knives, dremel drill etc. along with adhesives is also a way to rapid prototype. 3d print rapid prototyping service anand orissa chhattisgarh jharkhand india

Creating molds using the above mentioned methods and then vacuum casting is a way to create manufacture quality parts.

Using a combination of off the shelf parts and components with minimizing customization will help you rapidly create systems.

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