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An important step in product development has always been the prototype. Depending on the product in question, the creation of the prototype could take a great deal of time. 3D printing cuts the time involved considerably. Whether creating a functional or merely cosmetic prototype, a printed item makes the product development process a great deal faster.


Imagine being able to take a model of your proposed product to any investors or potential customers long before your product is ready to go to market. That's the power of 3D printing. The ability to hold something in your hands and actually see it apart from a computer screen or a 2D image on a piece of paper goes a long way toward making a good impression.

Can 3D printed products be field tested?

Yes, 3D printed objects that replicate the final products can certainly be field tested. This is due, in part, to the fact that material choices for 3D printing have expanded in recent years and now include urethane rubbers, water-clear acrylics, and full color palettes. In some cases, it is possible to 3D print with actual end-use material such as ABS, polycarbonate-PC, and nylon, to name a few. In other cases, 3D printing can create injection molds, blow molds, and patterns for silicone molding. This lets prototypes be made in materials not yet available for 3D printing. Field testing a prototype identical to manufactured parts will provide valuable design and manufacturing data and could prevent costly mistakes and rework later.

Not only does 3D printing save time and money, but it can create products in a way that would have been impossible just a decade ago. Items can be created for an individual customer, ranging from protective gear to prosthetics. Products in development can go through multiple iterations in rapid succession, so all the flaws can be worked out before mass production. packers movers vadodara

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3D printing is undeniably the wave of the future and product developers would do well to take advantage of it.

Rapid prototyping in product development is a very important aspect of the design process, and its benefits have been well recognized for years. Creating a model of a planned design can reveal flaws in an initial design or highlight potential challenges which may occur when introducing the design into large-scale production later on.





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