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3D Printing is the latest ‘buzz’ word in the industry used to describe the production of plastic or metal parts using layer based manufacturing techniques – also referred to as Additive Manufacturing (AM), Industrial 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping, Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) and 3D Modeling. Produced directly from 3D CAD modelling data, lasers fuse together high performance materials layer by layer. Complexity of design and geometry becomes more achievable enabling designers to create parts in new ways, combining many parts into one and incorporating complex internal structures.


One of the rewards of the 3D printing revolution is the ability to begin production without the delay and expense of tooling, and to produce customized, geometrically complex products free from traditional manufacturing constraints.Designers and manufacturing engineers are free to optimize parts with organic shapes and complex geometries, including hollow interiors and negative draft. Traditional tooling constraints don’t apply in the world of 3D printing.

Focusing so intensely on rapid prototyping has limited the tools engineers need to develop a deeper understanding of these technologies. Major software companies like Siemens, Autodesk and Dassault Systemes are racing to create in-depth 3D design and engineer tools to unlock the full potentials of 3D printing. Software design and simulation tools like Netfabb and Materialise will allow engineers to gain a clearer understanding of the technology and maximize its capabilities for series part production.

To date, we have seen that the depth of control that is possible with 3D printing as it relates to metal part production. The benefits are much greater than most traditional manufacturing processes. The complexity that additive manufacturing affords for the production of metal parts isn’t just around the shape of the part, but also the material it’s constructed from.

For example, laser sintering is one additive technology that has established itself as a viable solution for series production of metal parts. It uses a very fine laser or an electron beam to scan across a bed of powder that is deposited in layers, melting specific regions to form the part. In the production of a typical part, the laser can create millions of exposures — every single one of which could be individually addressable, allowing for far greater design complexity and control.

Our industrial 3D printing and prototyping services enable parts to be produced in just a matter of days without the need for any tooling. More and more industries are adopting this cost-effective, fast 3D printing process to produce parts that were previously impossible to obtain economically using other traditional methods. The range of materials is expanding all the time, enabling parts to be used in demanding environments such as aerospace, automotive and F1, withstanding extreme temperatures and rigorous testing. packers movers vadodara
We have created two simple videos to walk you through the Plastic and Metal AM (industrial 3D printing and 3D prototyping) processes, from beginning to end.

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