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As 3D printing and 3D designing grows, and it will, it will be interesting to see how those various options might change in relation to each other. I'd be surprised if Quirky and others weren't already looking at the plan-hosting and plan-selling sites to mine talent. MakerBot and 3D Systems might then decide they need to protect that talent. Or maybe they, too, will want to get in on some of that mass-market retail revenue. Other issues, as well as opportunities, will surely emerge from this new energy around crowd and individual product design. That's what happens when you shake up the means of production.


he Uses are Endless
3D printers have been used by numerous toy and entertainment companies to create models for film, visual mock-ups, photo shoots, animation and for video and electronic gaming.

See Your Design Before Production
Designers have enjoyed true to life models of figurines, characters and varied imaginative creations from high precision wax printers. Perfect appearance is a must, and this technology enables freeform textured models that reflect the designer’s original idea. A Designer’s wildest dreams can be achieved using 3D printing systems.

No Detail is Too Small
High resolution printing will deliver the most precise detail imaginable and the exclusive build materials, formulated for clean, accurate casting or master patterns for rubber molding will enable you to successfully produce your biggest ideas, no matter how small the features. With 3D printers, you can create works of art that will be cherished for generations.

First, it will change how consumers acquire products. Imagine a day when online communities don’t just share opinions about marketing messaging or their experiences, but swap designs for, say, detergent bottles or soap dishes (the premium content will come at a price). It will change the way major consumer brands envision packaging, as products will be stripped of external identifiers and reduced to their very substance. Imagine bags of shampoo on grocery shelves with little more than an identifying tag on them, or bath gel shipped to homes and then ladled into home-printed containers. It will turn many products into constant refills, and have significant impacts on how consumers shop.

Second, it will create immense opportunities for customization and DIY involvement. Many products will be able to outsource parts to home printers, thereby not just reducing prices but allowing consumers to have some say in how things are assembled. Want a different cover on your laptop? Print it at home, or even buy the device without a cover (it may be cheaper for consumers to create their own objects to complete products). In fact, products could be offered at varying levels of “completeness,” allowing customers to choose how involved they’d like to be in the manufacturing process. Consumers will mix-and-match parts to create unique versions of things, and then perhaps share their designs. Again, think of all the social media and community functions that will sprout up to support these activities, not to mention the sense of co-creative ownership consumers will feel with their brands.

Third, bioprinting is on the horizon, which means that replicators will be able to produce the stuff that goes in those bottles, not just the bottles themselves. Simple compounds will come first but, conceptually, anything could be digitized some day. This would reduce brands to their constituent formulae, and possibly make them providers of raw content from which consumers could assemble their purchases.

I know it sounds like science fiction, and that horizon I mentioned isn’t anywhere near today’s sunset. Also, the process of 3D’s rollout will not only be gradual, but also impact intermediaries long before end-users…so dentists will be able to replicate teeth and restaurant chains replace ketchup dispensers before parents print batches of diapers.

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Open up new possibilities for your business by changing the way you think about product development. Compared to traditional methods, 3D printing offers advantages that allow you to make better products and get them to market faster.

In this white paper, you’ll learn how 3D printing can:

Accelerate the design process
Improve design effectiveness
Reduce product-design costs



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