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The Impact of 3D Printing on the Automotive Industry


(A) Design level

Traditionally, when the planner designs a car, he needs to start with a drawing, and then using the design software to visualize the appearance of the car into an accurate data and 3D model.If there is no 3D printing skills, the next step is the sludge model.
The designer should first like a carpenter, knocking on the production of the skeleton of the car; and then, like the masons, mix the talcum / petrolatum / industrial wax to get the production of sludge, and then layer upon layer to the skeleton; in the end, like the artist, shape the sludge to make the final model to check the paper / computer model in the actual shape. The process is still the process of handicrafts, which takes lots of time and efforts.Using 3D printing, as long as the planners put computer-made 3D model into the 3D Printers, 3D printer will soon be able to print out the sludge mode, the efficiency can be greatly improved. One step into the information age. Not only the body shell, the car parts such as shift handle / dashboard / glove box / door handle ... ..., there is a process from the computer to the physical.

(B) The development level

The greatest advantage of 3D printing skills is the ability to produce high-precision, complex parts quickly and easily, and there are many high-precision parts in the car that are complicated and small in size. 3D printing can print directly to meet the needs of parts to lower costs, such as F1 racing / luxury car / some parts of the Supercar.

Cooling system

The technology development of heat exchangers has been almost stagnant over the past 20 years, and due to the traditional / reduced material manufacturing methods, there are many limitations on processing. With the development of 3D printing powder bed selective laser melting technology (SLM), the 3d printed heat exchanger not only reduces the weight, but also improves the heat exchange contact efficiency and enhances the overall performance of the heat exchanger.

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Other parts

Bentley try 3D printing technology on Speed 6 concept car boldly, the door hinge of Speed 6 is printed with metal 3D printer, and its hollow structure looks like an abstract British flag.

Some of the technologies described within the report are mature markets and are not expected to dramatically increase their market share or revenues (e.g. windscreen de-foggers) whereas others, such as structural or in mold electronics, are expected to grow significantly in the next decade. Finally, other technologies such as e-textiles for example, are expected to take a few more years of development before we see them rolled out into automotive applications.
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