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Timberwolves rookie Josh Okoji: Paul is my mentor and friend

MessaggioInviato:mer lug 11, 2018 12:56 pm
da huat88lee
Forest Wolf rookie Josh Okoji recently represented the team in the summer league held in Las Vegas. During this time, he accepted an interview with the media and talked about his relationship with rocket star Chris Paul.

"When I was in high school, he was my brother, my mentor, my coach," Okoji said. "There is a connection between us. It’s a place with your coach and future opponent. Very interesting thing. It's cool and very loving. We should be friends for a lifetime."

"He never taught me anything, such as letting you do this or doing that," said the No. 20 pick rookie. "He prefers to call me. If I have something to ask him or talk to, I went to find him. If I need to talk to someone, what will I do? He is my free consultant. On the draft night, or some important time, he will calm me down and tell me everything will be Smooth. He has done a lot for me in different occasions in my life."

"Our relationship is not limited to the scope of basketball. If I have problems with basketball, I can find him, but if you have more personal things, you can find him. This is where I like this relationship most."

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