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Surgical Application
In the case of surgical planning, the surgeon assembles the ‏surgical team in the Jacobs Institute Training Centre to perform ‏the procedure on the model under fluoroscopy. The surgeon’s ‏team is joined by JI engineers, who can converse about the ‏model’s properties or structure. The JI also documents the ‏procedure, capturing surgeon feedback on the models and ‏the surgical approach. The JI take photographs and videos, ‏to further catalogue the experience. The surgeon and the ‏surgical team use the models to crystallise the plan in several ‏ways during a practice surgery.


There are numerous advantages to patients, surgeons, and ‏hospitals in using a 3D-printed model to devise an optimal ‏surgical plan. It: ‏

Allows surgeons to try a particular approach or device in a risk-free environment;
Provides the surgeon with practice time before performing the actual surgery, much like medical simulation;
Minimises the time a patient is on the table, being exposed to harmful radiation, as a surgeon tries to figure out the best approach;
Reduces surgical cost associated with longer surgery;
Reduces cost associated with incorrect device selection (catheters, wires, or devices types and sizes);
Determines which are the best tools for the specific patient’s case;
Helps the surgeon choose the appropriately-sized device;
Identifies complications so they can anticipate them in surgery.

Key Points

The JI uses 3D printing in a variety of ways, including physician training, device testing and surgical planning.
Biomedical engineers can transform patient scans into realistic, anatomically-specific 3D printed models of patient vasculature, using sophisticated computer software.
3D printers, engineers, researchers, and surgeons located in one facility, facilitates a collaborative planning approach to impact patient outcomes for complex vascular surgeries.
Surgical planning for complex vascular surgeries benefits patients, physicians, and hospitals.

Michael Springer Director of Operations & Entrepreneurship The Jacobs Institute

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Michael is the director of operations and entrepreneurship for the Jacobs Institute, focusing on innovation, business development, and operations. Michael is a biomedical engineer with extensive strategic planning and operations management experience in the medical device space, having worked with several companies in the sector. He oversees the JI’s team of biomedical engineers, as they implement and improve 3D printing in healthcare. Michael interfaces with the medical device industry, the hospital, and the university to achieve the JI mission. He is currently preparing to launch the JI’s Idea to Reality Center, or i2R, which will be a proof of concept center for neuroendovascular devices.


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