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3D printing has been most useful in creating prototypes. But from the automotive to the electronics and toy industries, 3D printers will increasingly produce critical parts and finished products. 3d printing service in Orissa,Jharkhand,West Bengal,Bihar,andhrapradesh india


different applications of 3d printing

Medicine: Medical solutions will be more customized for individual patients. Any simple soft-tissue organ such as an ear, finger, or kidney can be 3D produced and will soon be widely used. Metal hip implants, skull implants, orthopedic insoles, body braces, and jaw transplants have already been manufactured on 3D printers. 3d printing medical advances

Military: Much of the machinery for the military is complex and produced in relatively low volumes. Many parts are custom and replacement parts are constantly needed. We will see the instant production of replacement parts on-site in remote locations through 3D printing. The first 3D-printed gun already debuted earlier this year. 3d printing military weapons

Electronics: Designing and 3D printing electronics with optimal shape and styling properties will be common. 3D printing is ideal for the complex geometric features needed in small, compact electronic circuit boards that use multiple 3d printing materials ranging from low conductivity plastics to high conductivity metal materials. 3d printing applications in electronics

Jewelry: Jewelers will abandon traditional manufacturing processes and use 3D printing to create custom, limited-edition chains and necklaces. We can instantly produce beautiful pieces that previously required large-scale, complex, and expensive machinery. custom 3d printed jewelry


3d printing toy industry : Inexpensive consumer 3D printers at least 10 times cheaper than ones that exist today and open-source 3D design will change the way children play. Children will download 3D design files for the toys they want, modify and customize them as they wish, and then 3D manufacture them in their homes.

Automotive: 3D printing will manufacture vehicle parts and even whole cars. High-end, specialty cars that have relatively small production runs will particularly benefit. Bentley is one company that has already demonstrated the feasibility of using 3D printing for small, complex parts. 3d printing automotive parts

3D printing will bring a revolution the details of which are only now beginning to emerge.

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