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Internet of Things aims at linking human behaviors to our day to day devices. Physical objects, people or animals will be provided unique identifiers and connected to a network embedded with electronics, sensors, software and internet connectivity, so that data can be exchanged between these without the need for a direct human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction, automating nearly every field of endeavor. The concept includes connecting human heart monitor implants, built-in automobile sensors packages, field operation tools for cops and firemen, biochips in farms and so on. In 5 years from now, the IoT will have 26 billion devices connected to it. prototyping service in delhi mumbai vadodara india


It is said that in 10 years, today’s silicon circuits will be replaced by plastic circuits. And 3D printing technologies will dominate such plastic printed electronics and circuits in IoT. Plastic printed transistors will become building blocks of wearable electronics and other IoT networks.

3D printing is already disrupting the current processes of design, prototyping, and manufacturing in almost every industry. As 3D printing gets adopted on a wider scale, many of the already invented products might have to be re-invented and we may have many more new products and things to learn about. For example, 3D printing has made many new and exciting geometries and shapes that were previously just imaginary. Our children might have formulas to learn that calculate area and volume of a shape we haven’t seen or studied about.

Today, 3D printing or additive manufacturing (AM) is not a new word any more. Browsing through any 3d printing technology news website.

Another area where 3D printing may impact the electronics industry is the PCB board & drone electronics
. According to David ten Have, CEO of Ponoko a 3D printing company, printing the actual circuit boards are probably only 18 to 24 months away . With the accuracy and flexibility of 3D printing, this technology will offer potential cost savings and endless options of shape in the PCB industry. One day we may be able to place individual components and then print the PCB board accordingly to match the design , which will change the design of electronics completely. Experts are expecting to see major cost savings, environmental impacts and faster production cycles .
How does it work?

3D printers are being developed that allow to 3D print electronic circuits directly: similar to the Fused Deposition Modeling technology (FDM), the machines have to 3D printing nozzles, one for the support material (typically plastic), and one for the circuit, using a conductive ink.

3D printing for the production and prototyping of casings for electronic devices: it’s already broadly used!

3D printing is already used fairly broadly by the electronics industry, for everything that goes around the electronic components. Thanks to the fact that it allows mass customization, cheap iterations and adaptive design, 3D printing is often used to create cases for electronic devices. 3d printed electronics enclosure

There are many examples among our clients, who use our services for prototyping and production of electronic devices, as shown on our 3D printing applications page, dedicated to electronics. To give a few examples:

Scance’s low cost LiDAR sensor SWEEP used our 3D printing service for their minimalist design.
My Driving Pal created the casing of their car sensors with our 3D printing services.

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