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talk about 3d printing we no longer talk about just printing small scale models for the fun of it, but we are talking about producing realistic prototypes and end use parts, for many different industries such as medical, consumer goods, manufacturing, aerospace and automotive, just to name a few. 3d printing service & prototyping in mumbai pune delhi ncr india


What is the Future of Additive Manufacturing?

The future of additive manufacturing looks bright. In the future, 3D printing will position itself more prominently in the manufacturing landscape. As costs continue to reduce and processes become more efficient, the possibilities for use-cases will expand considerably.

Successful organ transplant thanks to 3D printing

A three year old toddler benefited from innovative kidney transplant after suffering from heart failure, and subsequently kidney failure at just four weeks old. 3D replicas were made of the toddlers abdomen and of the kidney which was donated by her father, this aided the surgeons in the operation to plan how to fit an adult sized kidney into the body of a toddler.
This was the first operation of its kind, the 3D models that were used as an aid for the surgery ensured that this complex type of surgery was done in the safest way possible, the models allowed doctors to see intricate blood vessels and gave them the ability to plan precisely where the organs would be placed. A surgery that is this complex requires a significant amount of planning, and without the aid of 3D printing would have been much more difficult. This surgery had never been done before and is just one example of some incredible innovations in 3D printing in the medical field.

3d printing in Automotive Industry

Several companies in the automotive industry are hopping on the 3D printing bandwagon. For some, it was a form of technology already in use for creating prototypes. But now, it’s beginning to play a bigger role. From building the frame of a car to creating molds for parts, advancements in 3D printing are sure to propel the automotive industry in new directions. Michelin has even developed its own 3D printer to create one-of-a-kind tire molds.

Physics education

Dr. Steven Sahyun, a physics professor, currently uses 3D printing as a way to create models used for learning. The students who benefit are visually disabled. Because of the limitations that visual impairments have on learning, he is using 3D printing to create models of objects, such as light bulbs, so that the students can better understand the physics concepts. Some of these will include braille lettering to make it easier to learn. benefits of 3d printing in education

Injection Moulding Prototyping

Mould making experts at HASCO have developed a rapid, cost saving method for producing low volumes of injection moulded parts for samples, prototypes and small production runs, using vexmatech additive manufacturing technology

Manufacturing Production Components for Aerospace: From rocket engines to turbine blades, 3D printing enables production components to be produced in large scale and at the highest quality. For complex aircraft, reducing the material weight of parts and components is critical for maximizing efficiency. 3d printing embedded electronics

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