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For two reasons, Jorge Sampaoli was a strange choice to take over as Argentina coach a year ago.

The first one has been made all too clear by results over the past few months, and especially the past two weeks. There is a glaring incompatibility between his basic idea and the resources available to him. Sampaoli has always favoured a furious high press, squeezing the opponents in their half of the field, creating two-against-one situations down the flanks, throwing men forward. It is a bold approach, which carries plenty of risks -- too many risks in the absence of any defensive pace.

With the Chile national team, Sampaoli inherited a side that had already been moulded into shape by his mentor, Marcelo Bielsa. With Argentina, he had to start from scratch -- without the raw materials. Argentina also lack a class goalkeeper, especially one who can play with his feet, as the system demands. They lack a class full-back, a centre-back of real pace and genuine quality, a commanding central midfielder.

It was clear from the warm-up friendlies that Argentina could not play the Sampaoli way. In desperation, the coach tried idea after idea until the players imposed an element of simplicity on him, with an orthodox back four. The switch, together with some old-fashioned resilience and flashes from Lionel Messi, was enough to get them past Nigeria. But it was never likely to be sufficient against France, who should have beaten them by a scoreline far more convincing than Saturday's 4-3.

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