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Stereolithography creates high definition and durable prototypes and parts. It is a fast and accurate additive manufacturing technology ideal for rapid production with a positive ROI for every project. Manufacture with extremely precise details with the option for colour-matched painting and texturing services.​

How it works
SLA is short for stereolithography. A laser traces a pattern onto liquid resin and hardens it. The object is raised and another layer is cured atop the last. SLA printers use a variety of orientations and methods but the basic mechanisms remain the same.

Material Options

SLA printers use liquid resin that is hardened by a UV laser. There are multiple different colored standard resins and a number of functional resins including flexible, tough, castable, and dental materials. 3d printing in mumbai pune maharashtra india


General Purpose Resins
To start, there are a number of firms producing 3D printing resins for desktop machines. Though many 3D printer manufacturers sell their proprietary materials, several generic brands have taken to making their own varieties for these systems, including MadeSolid, MakerJuice and Spot-A Materials.

Tough Resins
Typically photopolymer resins used for 3D printing on desktop machines are somewhat fragile, leaving those delicate details susceptible to snapping and cracking. For this reason, the technology has been used more frequently for aesthetic purposes, such as artistic models and visual prototypes. To address these issues, numerous companies have begun producing tougher and more durable resins.

Castable Resins

Casting has long been a process supported by photopolymerization technologies, with industrial manufacturers often marketing SLA and DLP machines to the dental and jewelry markets for the ability to fabricate parts that can be cast as metal. Naturally, producers of resins for desktop machines began with low-cost casting resins.


Flexible Resins

There are a limited number of manufacturers of flexible resins, including Formlabs, FSL3D and Spot-A Materials, all of which make a material for printing rubbery parts. This is ideal for prototyping elastic products, such as water bottles, handles and grips. Careful not to stretch too much or these components might tear!

High-Temp Resins
Formlabs, however, is so far the only low-cost manufacturer to produce a resin that can withstand high temperatures. The material has a heat deflection temperature (HDT) of 289 °C (552 °F) at a loading of 0.45 MPa , which is not just good for desktop SLA, but for all 3D printing photopolymers, including industrial systems. It can therefore be used for such applications as producing injection molding tools, testing channels designed for hot air or fluids and creating tools for thermoforming and casting.

snow white resin

Industries using Stereolithography (SLA)

3d printing in automotive industry

interiors trim panels and component, Interior & exterior lighting, engine manifolds, etc.

3d printing medical equipment

Medical aids and units, hand held devices, medical storage components, etc.

3d printed consumer goods

Domestic appliance components, housings, audio equipment, gardening and power tools

Plus 3d printed architecture, 3d printing electronic components, aerospace, defence, movie & 3d printed toy company

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