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This summer, a host of top European clubs have changed their manager. Some by choice, while others were forced into it. Here's what we can expect from the new arrivals. Illustrations by Rafa Alvarez.

REAL MADRID: JULEN LOPETEGUI -- Move past Spain and Cristiano Ronaldo issues
Sometimes a picture paints a thousand words. The look on Real Madrid president Florentino Perez's face as Zinedine Zidane announced his decision to leave on a high after winning the Champions League three years running told you everything you needed to know about what he thought of the decision.

Perez, whose reputation precedes him when it comes to sacking managers, appeared to finally realise the importance of finding the right man for the job and Madrid were losing him. Juventus' Massimiliano Allegri turned Madrid down and in the end Perez announced the hiring of Julen Lopetegui, hoping perhaps that he would arrive as the man who had just led Spain to World Cup glory.

Instead, it blew up in Real's face. Lopetegui was sacked by the Spanish FA 36 hours before the tournament began and can't expect a grace period at the Bernabeu from fans and the media either. As if Zidane's boots weren't already big enough to fill, the €100m sale of Cristiano Ronaldo and no imminent replacement in the form of Neymar or Kylian Mbappe is making an already difficult job considerably harder.

Lopetegui should, in theory, be a good fit. Madrid have spent the past couple of years accumulating some of the best young talent around and Lopetegui's background in youth coaching and the national team makes him a strong candidate to lead the transition from one generation to another. But how much patience and understanding will he get?

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