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The new season is almost upon us and Europe's top clubs are busy setting their goals for the campaign. Here's what we can expect.Becoming the first club in a decade to retain a Premier League title, but also showing some know-how in Europe to go the distance. Last season's Champions League quarterfinal collapse against Liverpool was a significant asterisk against the achievements of Pep Guardiola and his squad, but this is a squad -- still improving, still being reinforced at great cost -- that should be semifinal regulars in the long term.

Worst case scenario

Their attacking game gets found out; they go through a crushing injury crisis; Claudio Bravo has to go back in goal; Guardiola blows his top after being asked one too many infuriating prematch questions; they're dumped out of the FA Cup by Wigan for the second season running and they still finish second in the league.

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