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Until two years ago, one of the Champions League's major selling points was not about the teams, the players, the coaches or the stadia. Instead, it was about the competitiveness of the tournament; specifically, the fact that, in the modern format of the competition, no club had successfully defended their crown.

It created a mystique and an aura around the tournament, but that has gone because Real Madrid have triumphed three times in succession. Now, the Champions League fits with the pattern we are witnessing across Europe: Juventus have won seven straight Serie A titles, Bayern have won six Bundesligas in a row, PSG have won five of the last six in Ligue 1.

Over the past nine years, each of UEFA's 55 leagues has seen its title successfully defended except one.

The Premier League has seemingly become impossible to defend. Not since a Cristiano Ronaldo-inspired Manchester United were triumphant in 2008-09, which actually clinched a third a consecutive title, have champions gone back-to-back.

Therefore, if Pep Guardiola's Manchester City are unable to repeat last season's success this year, it will mark a decade of failed attempts to retain the English top flight, which is an extraordinary run in the context of modern European football.

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