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What is a football club? Is it the bricks and mortar that provide its physical structure? The players and coaches who are responsible for shaping its fate and pursuing its ambitions on the pitch? Or the supporters, who through their collective expression of identity and deep emotional attachment supply a club with its soul?

If you lean towards the third option, it's hard not to feel that a part of Arsenal's soul died this week.

Arsenal, which with its marble halls and conception of doing things the "Arsenal way" has always had a fond sense of its own history, will never quite be the same again after the news emerged that majority shareholder Stan Kroenke had toppled the last remaining barrier to sole ownership by convincing Alisher Usmanov to sell his 30.05 percent stake in the club for around £600 million. With 97 percent of the club now in his possession, Kroenke can and will force the remaining shareholders to sell up.

For the first time since a group of workers at the Woolwich Arsenal Armament Factory joined together to form a football club in 1886, Arsenal will be the sole private interest of one individual. Supporters who were proud to be shareholders and act on behalf of their contemporaries in a custodial role will have their investment forcibly removed from them. A Rubicon has been crossed.

In practical terms, it will essentially be business as usual -- at least for now. Arsenal's refusal to allow Usmanov onto the board means that Kroenke has effectively been running the club as he likes in any case. This is no leap into the unknown under a new owner; indeed, Arsenal fans are only too aware of Kroenke's hands-off approach. His desire to run Arsenal as a self-sufficient entity without needing to dip into his own pockets is well established.

But if it carries minimal practical weight, the emotional toll exacted by this week's announcement is nevertheless substantial. The Arsenal Supporters' Trust described it as a "dreadful" development for the club. Leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn has voiced his regret that "this sale will bring to an end the longstanding official role of Arsenal supporters in the running of the club."

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