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Manchester United's players left Bayern Munich's Allianz Arena late on Sunday with more urgency than they had shown on the pitch in the team's soporific 1-0 friendly defeat to the German champions.

With a chartered aircraft needing to take off by midnight to avoid the team having to stay in Germany overnight, only Phil Jones stopped to talk to the few English journalists who travelled to Bavaria, while Jose Mourinho didn't do his normal post-match press conference.

In truth, there was not much the players could say that they had not already. Alexis Sanchez aside, they have all done their bit with the media in preseason and accentuated any positives over negatives. Their manager has tended to do the opposite; while he has been more cheerful in private and worked hard, he wants reinforcements and, after a pitiful game vs. Bayern in which United could not manage a shot on target, you could understand why.

United were invited to Munich because they are a global great with star appeal. The club have the history, the trophies and the support that saw 1,400 fans travel to a friendly game in another country. Many came from England while others arrived in big groups from countries in central Europe. Be it for memorials or matches, some supporters have been to Munich so many times that the staff in the Schiller Bar by the central station greet them by name.

Fans will travel for better or worse and United were England's best-supported team when they played in the second division during the mid-1970s. Football is only part of the reason for travel and those, who spent a day sampling German beers before making their way on the U8 train line to the stadium on Sunday, hardly looked unhappy with their lot.

They shared have similar concerns about their team but will make judgements once the season starts and there is not much that a player can say to change views. Besides, we already know what most of them think: Andreas Pereira wants to stay; Luke Shaw is determined to win a place in the side.

Jones, meanwhile, said that he had been asked about his future in every single one of the seven seasons since he arrived at the club and that it was entirely normal for United to be constantly linked with new players.

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