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After an active transfer window and a successful preseason, optimism at Liverpool is higher than for many years. That has translated into giddiness in some quarters. Some fans are even predicting a title win, never mind a challenge.

That may just indicate a desire to meet outsiders' estimates of Liverpool's chances head on. If the Reds should slip below inflated expectations this season, mockery would be unavoidable anyway -- so why worry about it?

Be as realistic as you like, point out the 90 points needed to even threaten a challenge has never been achieved by any Liverpool team. It still wouldn't dampen the positivity, and nor should it.

The first choice side is clearly going to be very good. Were that the deciding factor in a title battle, Liverpool could stand their ground with anyone. Yes, even Manchester City who've already lost three times to the Reds in 2018.

Bill Shankly once said the league was a marathon not a sprint. Factors other than ability will be decisive during a long, arduous campaign.

Luck and fitness will certainly play a part. With Jurgen Klopp's high-octane style there's bound to be more than the odd casualty. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is already sidelined for the season.

Modern football long since moved into the squad era, never to return to a simpler time when Liverpool won the 1965-66 title with just 14 players while also reaching a European final.

To be successful you need an entire second XI that's talented enough to perform well in the Premier League if it were a separate entity.

Do Liverpool have that? By buying quality players in the summer they've certainly strengthened but will it be enough to justify the hype?

They could improve in certain areas. Fans will pray Alisson stays fit, reducing the need to see if Loris Karius can maintain sufficient focus during what will probably be a largely inactive year.

Klopp might have been indulging his unique sense of humour by making Alberto Moreno captain for the last preseason friendly, a 3-1 home win against Torino.

The Spaniard seemed to have fallen from grace after a strong first season showing from Andrew Robertson. When rarely called upon, Moreno didn't cover himself in glory. Should the Scot suffer a difficult second season, there would be little faith in the alternative.

At centre-half there are continued physical doubts over Joel Matip and Joe Gomez, hence the earlier than usual appearance of upcoming youngster Nathaniel Phillips. During the Torino game Marko Grujic and Fabinho also filled in at centre half -- grim reminders of Lucas Leiva's sticking-plaster attempts to play that role.

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